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NEW! Chile Relleno Plate or Burrito!

chile relleno, rice, beans

Try our NEW Chile Relleno Plate


Real Mexican Food delivered straight to you!

Order by phone :


Order by the pound, on the side, and don't forget drinks and dessert!

Our Favorites

Substitutions and additional fillings or toppings available! 


Grilled corn tortilla filled with your favorites!

Choose from Asada, Pastor, Lengua, Chorizo, Carnitas, Buche, Tripa, or Barbacoa. Garnished with  freshly chopped onion and cilantro.



Homemade round thick masa cakes that have been grilled, split in half, and then stuffed with a variety of fillings!

Choose from Rojo, Verde, Rajas, Pollo, Chicharron, or Deshebrada. 

Asada, Pastor, Lengua, Chorizo, Carnitas, Buche, y Barbacoa ($0.48 more).


burrito, smothered


10-inched rolled, folded, and sealed on the grill flour tortilla. Order it smothered with our delicious  homemade green chile, lettuce, tomatoe, cilantro, onion, crema, and cheese! Choose from Asada, Pastor, Lengua, Chorizo, Carnitas, Buche, Pollo, Barbacoa, Ham & Egg, or Chorizo & Egg (smothered is $2.53 more).


corn tortilla, tostada


Fried to perfection, corn tortilla topped with homemade re-fried beans, lettuce, tomato, and cheese! Choose from Asada, Pastor, Lengua, Chorizo, Buche, Pollo, or Barbacoa.


longmont, tortas, mexican sandwich, bolillo


Freshly baked,  toasted-bolillo served warm with tomato, jalapeno, lettuce,  avocado, mayonnaise, and cheese! Choose from Asada, Pastor, Lengua, Chorizo, Carnitas, Buche, Pierna, Ham, or Barbacoa.


longmont, mexican, menudo, pata, traditional

Menudo Con Pata

 (Served FRESH Saturdays & Sundays)

The BEST Mexican soup! Boiled to perfection with Tripe & Pigs Foot, in a traditional Mexican broth (red chili pepper base). and tender hominy. Served with lime, onions, and oregano.


longmont, mexican, seafood, soup

Fish and Shrimp Soup

Our signature seafood soup served warm with . Served with lime, onions, and oregano.


longmont, mexican, quesadilla

Quesadilla Mix

2 Large flour tortillas folded and grilled with your choice of meat, a handful of cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, crema, our homemade red salsa! Choose from Asada, Pastor, Lengua, Carnitas, Chorizo, Buche, or Barbacoa.


longmont, mexican, hamburger, pineapple, french fries

Mexican Hamburgers

Traditional includes: ham, lettuce, tomato, bacon, jalapeno, cheese, mayo, mustard, and ketchup. 

Mexicana includes: lettuce, ham, cheese, pico de gallo, avocado,, and mayo. 

Hawaiian includes: lettuce, tomato, onion, ham jalapeno, pineapple, mayo, mustard, and ketchup.

ALL served with fresh-cut fries! 


longmont, mexican, hot dogs, mexican- hot dogs, pineapple,

Mexican Hot Dogs

Warm Hot Dog bun and the best dogs  around! 

Hawaiian includes: bacon, pineapple, ketchup, mustard, and mayo.

Misil includes: asada, onion, pico de gallo, avocado, and more bacon!


Wait! There's more...

By the Pound

1 Pound of Barbacoa

Served with salsa, limes,

cilantro, and chopped onions. 


On the Side

Chips and Salsa

Fresh Corn Chips served with homemade green or red salsa.


Rice or Beans

8 ounce side rice or refried beans.


OH! Don't Forget a Drink and Dessert!


Cold Drinks

Homemade Horchata

32 ounce


Canned Sodas

12 ounce can of Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke,  or



Mexican Bottled Jarritos

12.5 ounce bottle of Madarina, Tamarindo, 

Lime, Pina, Manzanita.


Mexican Bottled Fanta or 


500ml bottle of coke, fanta orange


Homemade Desserts

Choco Flan


 3 Leches cake


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